Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost of a rental depends on where the oven is going and how long it will take us to get there. Request a quote and we will get back to you quickly with pricing.

Can I pick up or drop off the trailer on my own?

Currently we cannot have anyone besides out certified drivers deliver and pick up ovens. These drivers have been carefully vetted to ensure they have the experience and proper equipment to transport these ovens safely. We are currently looking into ways to allow our customers to transport the ovens themselves, however at this time we can only have our drivers deliver them.

How long is the rental period?

Our rental periods are fairly flexible. We allow you a guaranteed time of 8 hours with the oven, and if you need more time than that we can usually accommodate depending on our rental schedule. The only way to absolutely guarantee the oven for over 8 hours is to book it for a second day.

Is there a discount if I rent it for more than 1 day?

Yes! Just let us know in our rental quote form how long you need the oven.

How do I use the oven?

We highly recommend watching this video before firing up our oven. Even if you are a seasoned chef, the prepping instructions in this video will help you make sure you maximize the performance of your oven before cooking:

What utensils does the oven come with?

Your oven will come with a long handled metal peel, (5) wood peels, wire brush and thermometer gun.

How much wood does it come with?

The wood provided with your oven will be double split, dry white oak. You will have a large amount that can accommodate most events, however if you plan on serving a large amount of people over a long period of time, we would recommend having some wood on the side. We cannot guarantee that the wood we provide will be enough o fuel your entire event.


Quick Question?

Send us a message. For a quote you will need to click your city and fill out a rental form. We respect your email privacy.